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Concordia Cemetery Association Inc.   Glyndon, Minnesota

Cemetery Policy and Burial Privileges

Adopted and approved by the Board of Directors

of Concordia Cemetery Association, Inc. on August 25, 2004

updated April 20, 2013


Burial privileges will be granted without charge to voting members of Concordia Congregation as of June 13, 2004. Those individuals have been listed on a document from the Church council and are on file with the Board of Directors of Concordia Cemetery Association.

Those who have purchased grave lots will have burial privileges without further cost.

Burial space may be purchased. The current fee is $400 for a grave site. Each site may contain one casket burial and two cremation burials, or three cremation burials. The Association requires that a $150 donation be made for grounds maintenance for each of the two additional burials.

In the new addition (sections 8-12) lots are measured. They are 20 feet by 20 feet and contain 8 grave sites. Each grave site measures 5 feet by 10 feet.

All burials, except cremations, must use a cement grave liner. The Board of Directors recommends the use of a permanent grave liner for cremations in order to aid in locating the burial when making multiple burials in a grave site.

Cremation burials must have a minimum one foot of soil covering the cremation vessel.

All burials must be approved by the Board of Directors or cemetery superintendent who will assist in location of graves.
Record of burials, purchased and reserved grave sites and lots are the responsibility of the Board of


Grave Markers
Owners of grave sites and lots are responsible for maintaining grave markers.

Owners of grave sites or lots and monument companies must consult the Board of Directors or superintendent before installing grave markers. If improperly installed, the marker will be required to be re-installed properly.

In all sections of the cemetery, grave markers must be installed level and on proper footings with four to six inches of concrete at ground level surrounding the marker to aid in mowing.

In the new addition (sections 8-12) no marker will be permitted to be installed above ground level.

Veteran markers must be pre-drilled for a flag holder.

Flowers and Plantings
Owners of grave sites and lots are responsible for maintenance, cultivation, weeding and watering of flowers and plantings.

Fresh flowers, potted plants and wreaths must be removed if wilted.

All plantings must be limited to one foot on the graveside of the headstone.

Annual flowers and plantings must be cut to ground level following the first hard freeze but no later than October 15th.

Artificial flowers must be removed by the weekend following July 4th.

All grave sites must be seeded or sodded after allowing time for the ground to settle following a burial.

No new or replacement trees or shrubs may be planted on grave sites or lots. Owners should contact a board member if they wish to memorialize with a special planting.


Maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.  

Contacts regarding burials or monument placements should be directed to:



Updated and approved by the Directors 4/10/13



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