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2010 Annual Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2011



Board members present: Aron Kassenborg, president, Harold Horpedahl, board member.


     The meeting was called to order and the minutes from the 2009 were read. A motion to approve the minutes as read was made, the motion was seconded, voted on and approved.

    The financial report was read, a question about Memorial Day services expense was asked and the board was unable to break down the expenses without the treasurer present. Davis Kosen was reimbursed $300 for materials used in grave marker repairs. A motion was made to approve the financial report, the motion was seconded, voted on and approved.


Old Business:

·         The board thanked all members for donations of time and money.

·         The board thanked Andy Ulven for mowing the cemetery grounds this year.

·         The board thanked Val Hagne for mowing the Leif Erickson cemetery grounds.

·         The board thanked Vat and Detores Hagne for auditing the associations books.

·         The board thanked Alene Grover for maintaining the web site this year

·         The board also thanked Davis Kosen for volunteering his time and money repairing marker stones in the cemetery.


    It was announced that last year’s attempt to use the PayPal service for donations was unsuccessful and donations may continue as usual.

      A position on the board was open for election, Gerry Hagne was nominated, a motion was made to cease nominations, the motion was seconded. A vote was taken and the motion approved. The election vote was taken and Gerry Hagene was elected.

      Spring clean-up day was announced as May 25th 2011 at 5 p.m. with an alternate day of May 27th, 2011.

      Memorial Day services will be May 30th, 2011 at 10 a.m.

     Discussion of the assoc. lawn mower concluded with a motion to trade the mower in order to keep it within the warranty period and avoid repairs, the motion was seconded,  voted on an approved.

      Discussion of the cemetery section markers concluded that they need to be raised so they are visible, no action was taken.

      Discussion of the light for the cemetery’s flag included the expense of reimbursing the church $135 for electricity.


     Discussion of the date of the assoc. annual meeting included a concern that changing the date of the meeting to the same as the church annual meeting may be difficult for assoc. members who are not church members. A motion was made to change the date of the annual meeting to the first Sunday in Feb. the same as the church annual meeting, the motion was seconded, voted on and approved. The 2011 annual meeting will be after the church dinner on the first  Sunday of Feb, 2012.


    A motion was made to adjourn the meeting the motion was seconded, voted on and approved.



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