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Annual Report to Members

April 2005




To the Members of the Concordia Cemetery Association:


      This first year of your association has been busy getting the organization put together. The legal documents were filed with the Secretary of State to obtain a non-profit charter.  The charter and the bylaws of your association are included with this report for your information.


      The cemetery grounds were surveyed to get a legal description to transfer the cemetery land from the church to the association.  The transfer was completed transferring just the cemetery land; the Church retains ownership of the ground around the church and the parking lot.  The Church has granted an easement for use of the parking lot.

Volunteers located the section and lanes markers in the cemetery; they were reset to ground level with new cement. This will assist in locating graves.

 The burial records have been copied on computer with several records available as a safe guard for protection of this historical information.

The Cemetery policies and burial privileges have been review; a copy is included with this report for your information.

We appreciate all the volunteer help; removing dead trees, general cleanup, work on markers, verifying burial information with the records, and all the support during the transition to the association.   Also thank you to Brady Edwards for the great job of mowing this year, and we are glad to welcome him back in 2005.

A general spring cleanup will be established prior to Memorial Day, come and help keep your cemetery looking good.  We welcome your suggestion, talk to a board member.


Concordia Cemetery Association Board

           Becky Jegtvig, Raymond Johnson, Aron Kassenborg Harold Horpedahl, Lloyd Gunderson



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