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Concordia Cemetery Association Inc.

Annual Report to Members

April 2006


            This year your association applied for, and was granted tax-exempt status under section 501 ( c ) (13) of the Internal Revenue Code.  This designation also provides deductions for individuals from federal Income tax for contributions made to Concordia Cemetery Association.


            At the last annual meeting, a suggestion was made that we should establish a web site with cemetery information.  We are pleased to announce that with support of the Church Council we now have a joint web site.



        Just click on Cemetery and you will find cemetery policies, listing of graves by location, list of officers, information for contacts.  We hope you will check it out; we are looking for feedback.  Let us know if there are any errors or omissions, or suggestions.   We appreciate the hard work of our Webmaster, Alene Grover Sladky.  Thank you Alene.


            Our first annual memorial service was held on Memorial Day; with great attendance. We are hoping for your attendance again this Memorial Day May 29.


            A spring cleanup is scheduled on Wednesday, May 24 at 5 PM, in case of rain plan on Friday May 26.  Those that have weed-eaters please bring them so grass may be trimmed around all the stones.  Thank you too Brady Edwards for doing a good job mowing the lawn this year.  Also to Val Hagene for his great continued care of the Erickson Cemetery.


Thank you to all who have supported the Cemetery Association with gifts of money, donated equipment, and remembered friends or family with memorials this past year.   Also thank you to John Burkel for his gift of three evergreens trees to replace damaged trees.


Concordia Cemetery Association Board

Becky Jegtvig, Ray Johnson, Aron Kassenborg, Harold Horpedahl, and Lloyd Gunderson



Note: It was the decision of the board not to post the financial records for the association on the website.  You can pick up a complete copy of the report in the church narthex or mail your request to Concordia Cemetery Association, Box 158, Dilworth MN 56529.


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