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Annual Report to Members

April 2007



This past year we have had a large number of hits on our web site, people working on family history, etc.  If you have not checked our web site out, try it. 


       Just click on Cemetery and you will find cemetery policies, listing of graves by location, list of officers, information for contacts.  We hope you will check it out; we are looking for feedback.  Let us know if there are any errors or omissions, or suggestions.   We appreciate the hard work of our Webmaster, Alene Grover Sladky.  Thank you Alene.


            Our second annual memorial service was held on Memorial Day; May 29th.  The attendance is growing.  We are hoping for your attendance again this memorial day May 28, 2007 as we honor all of our fallen veterans.


            A spring cleanup is scheduled on Wednesday May 23 5 PM, in case of rain plan on Saturday May 26.  Those that have weed-eaters please bring them so grass may be trimmed around all the stones.  Thank you too Brady Edwards for doing a good joy mowing the lawn this year.  Also to Val Hagene for his great continued care of the Erickson Cemetery.


Thank you to all who have supported the Cemetery Association with gifts of money, donated equipment, and remembered friends or family with memorials this past year.   Projects in 07 will be to replace one evergreen tree, to uncover and reset the lot markers on the far South side of the cemetery.  Our long-range plan is to add a flagpole, and entrance markers for North and West driveway entrance to our cemetery.  If anyone is interested in helping with this project, we would be glad to share our vision for the future with you.


One change in cemetery policy for all areas of the cemetery will be to restrict all grave foot and head markers to be placed flush to the ground with a six-inch cement support surrounding the stone to facilitate maintenance. 


Concordia Cemetery Association Board


Diane Rassmussen, Ray Johnson, Aron Kassenborg, Harold Horpedahl, and Lloyd Gunderson


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