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Corrections and Additions to the Cemetery Index

 Errors may have been made keying information into the database, copying down information from the gravestones or in trying to read hand-written cemetery records. Please let us know if you find mistakes in the cemetery index, or can add information such as a maiden name or veteran status. Where possible, the gravestones themselves will be the final authority on how names were spelled and dates of birth and death.  You can also submit "other information" that may include location of a spouse (if not buried in Concordia), family relationship, etc. If you believe someone is buried at Concordia but does not appear in the index, let us know.

 You can report errors or provide additional information here.  Corrections will appear in the index after they have been verified and approved by the database manager.

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If we need to get in touch with you, tell us how you prefer to be contacted - phone number, email address, etc...


Thank you for your time and assistance!

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