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List of Subscriptions (memberships/donations) 1877-1880
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"Subscriptions" for services of the pastor were recorded in the Lake Park parish records for the years 1877-1879.  The fiscal year appears to run from May to May. 
 These lists provide a fairly accurate list of the members of Vor Frelsers in these early years.
In 1879 and 1880, subscriptions were mixed in with others in the western part of the parish and reported under 'Wild Rice' congregation.
The list for 1877 is probably complete.  The lists found for 1878-1880 look incomplete.

1877 1878 1879 1880
May 26Gunir L Lisland    $3.00May 17T A Grover     $3.00June 7G G Storaasli   $  .75Nov 13G G Storaaslie  $  .75
 Otto A Thorstensen5.00 Halvor Findalstvedt3.00 Tarje Mule.75 T G Mule.75
 Aadne H Hegland5.00 Tarje Skrei3.00Nov 25from congregation2.00 A Bredeland.75
 Ole Storaaslie5.00 Aadne Halvorson Hegland.50 J J Agerholm.75 GG Agerholm.75
June 15G G Storaaslie10.00 Tarje Storaasli2.00 Mikkel Larson.75 Mikkel Larson.75
 Gubbrand Gulbrandsen2.00 M Storaasli2.00 Torsten Olsen.75 Torsten Olson.75
July 18Anun Kragerness8.00 Bendik Gunderson3.00 A Bredeland.75  O Starta?.75
 Askjer Lee5.00 Elef Olsen1.50page 409 E Kvam.75
 Tarje Grover5.00 Germund Storaasli3.00Apr 3Vetle Lisland.75   
Oct 25T Grover5.00 Aadne Bredeland2.00 Tarje Grover.75   
 Halvor Salveson5.00May 28O G Storaaslie5.00 Gunnar Svenkeson.75   
 Tarje Skreje5.00 G G Storaaslie5.00 K Tveten.75   
 Knut Tveiten5.00 Tarje Skrei5.00page 406   
Nov 18Gunnar Veum5.00 Aadne Halvorson1.00 O Midgarden.75   
 Halvor Salveson5.00 Tarje G Storaaslie3.00 A Kastenborg.75   
 Tarje Skreje5.00 Guro Lisland1.25 T Morken.75   
 Knut Tveiten5.00 Jorand Gunderson1.00 A O Kragernes.75   
Nov 18Gunner Veum5.00 T A Grover3.00 T Holte.75   
 Ole Mule5.00 Halvor Findaltvet2.00 Ellev Olson.75   
 Tarje Mule5.00 Ole G Mule5.00 T Skrei.75   
April 27Bendick Gunderson5.00 M G Storaaslie2.00 H Findalstvedt.75   
 Aasmund Homme5.00 B Gunderson4.00 G O Storaasli.75   
Vetle Lisland3.00Tarje G Mule4.00 O Storaasli.75   
May 25O Juve1.00July 3  Askjer K Lia3.00      
 H O Tveten1.00 Vetle Lisland3.50      
 G Gulbrandson   .50 Ole A Midgaarden2.50      
 Mikkel L Rooskjel4.00 Kittel Eiken1.00      
 Aasmund Tarjeson1.00 Mikkel Larson3.00      
 A O Kragnes2.00 Anun O Kragness2.00      
 Tarje Johnson1.00 Knud H Tveten3.00      
 A Kastenborg3.00 Tarje Johnsen3.00      
 T A Grover5.00 Ole Juve5.00      
 Halvor Salveson1.00 Andreas G Kastenborg5.00      
 T Mule1.00 Gunnar Svenkeson3.00      
 A H Hegland1.00 Thone H Tveten2.00      
 T Skreje3.00Jan 25 '79T Grover for painting17.00      
 K Tweten2.00         
 John Juve1.00         
 O Storaaslie5.00         
May 31Halvor Findalstvet1.00         
 Gjermund Storaasli5.00         
 Ole G Mule2.00         
Mar 19O Storaaslie5.00         
Total May, 1878  $141.50         
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