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 Marriages 1876-1940 
During the early years of the congregation, records were maintained in the parish churchbook in Lake Park. Beginning in 1883, Vor Frelsers (Concordia) maintained its own records.
At some point the Lake Park churchbooks were reviewed and "Buffalo River" and "Vor Frelsers" entries were transcribed into Concordia's records.

Early records reflect the continued use of the patronymic.  "Johnson" means the son of John.  "Olsdtr" means the daughter of Ole.  The idea of a last name as a constant family name was not familiar to Norwegian immigrants, and it took them some time to settle on an American surname. For more about how Norwegian-Americans came up with last names, click here.

In these records, the letter H. before a mother's name is the abbreviation of "Hustru," the Norwegian word for wife.
"Ungk" means a previously unmarried man.
"Pige" means a previously unmarried woman.
"Enke" means widow - "enkemand" is a widower.

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