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Funerals/Burials 1873-1939 

Burial rites were conducted by the Lake Park parish pastor in the early years of Vor Frelsers (Our Savior's) congregation.  Prior to 1883, records were maintained in Lake Park.  Beginning in mid-1883, all births, confirmations, marriages, and deaths were recorded in what eventually became Concordia Lutheran's ministerialbøk (minister's book).

As part of the Lake Park parish, Vor Frelsers shared its pastor with over half a dozen other congregations.  Church services were held on a rotating basis among the churches.  Graves were impossible to dig during the winter months, and often those who died earlier in the year were placed in the ground before the pastor could be present to officiate at a committal service.  As a result, a number of funeral rites were performed on a single day and included those being buried and those already in the ground.


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